Class can get sweaty...

... And we want you to feel prepared, so here are some tips!

  • Arrive to your first class 20 minutes early. You'll need to fill out some info, pay and get all set up in the studio
  • Come hydrated!! Fill that water bottle, drink it, then top it off again!
  • Bring a mat, towel and water to class! (if you don't have a mat or towel, you can rent them from the studio for a couple of dollars)
  • Try not to eat before class. We suggest keeping two hours between eating and coming to class
  • Dress light and comfortable. You're going to be moving and sweating a lot!
  • Come with an open heart and an open mind
  • Be ready to work hard and have a blast!

Class descriptions



Power Vinyasa is a style of yoga that is considered powerful and energetic. It focuses very specifically on breathing and fluidity between postures. Power Vinyasa will make you sweat, work your core, challenge your balance, and helps to strengthen your whole body. This class is our most popular and also our most challenging. Open to all ability levels as we encourage everyone to pace themselves and to take breaks when needed. 


Hatha yoga focuses on a set sequence of moves over the course of an hour. The focus of Hatha is to strengthen the spine and improve flexibility. The class starts and ends with breathing exercises, teachers you balance with a standing series, and finishes building strength and stretching on the floor. Great for newbies and seasoned practitioners alike!


Yin yoga is a series of poses done at a slower pace. Each pose is held for a longer period of time. We often hear our students refer to this class as the "relaxing one" or the "one where you stretch and fall asleep".  And man, we like the sound of that! Great class for those new to yoga and wanting to start off slow.