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We all here at Elements Hot Yoga are so thrilled you've decided to start your Yoga journey with us! 

If you're feeling a little intimidated before your first class... that is 100% normal! You're not alone. What's important is that you've already started the process being here and reading this now. Keep going! Know that Yoga is for EVERYONE! Regardless of age, shape, size, ability level, experience, beliefs, disabilities, diagnosis' etc. Our classes are designed to get you started, keep you going and take you beyond. All our teachers here are highly experienced and amazing people with incredibly stories! You'll be in good hands. 

Before your first class here are a couple tips to start you off on the right track...
  • You must arrive at least 20mins early to register for your 1st class. This is VERY important! You'll have a much better experience if you don't feel rushed the first time
  • Come well hydrated!
  • Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle (water available to purchase and mats to rent at the studio)
  • Avoid eating at least 2hrs before the class
  • Dress lightly, comfortably and be ready to sweat
  • Come with an open heart and an open mind
  • Be prepared to work hard and have FUN!

Elements Hot Yoga, LLC ~ Bellingham, WA
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