1. When & Why did you start practicing yoga?


 I started practicing yoga in 2013. I started off at a class on Westerns campus, which was an interesting experience, but did lead me to believe that there were other styles and options for classes. So I bopped around to a few classes, few studios and found a little home away from home at Elements! I initially started yoga to help combat some pretty serious anxiety, and yoga allowed me to get off of medication for good! Go good mental health!


2. What do you love most about your yoga practice?

Oh geez, I think my answer for this changes a lot but right now, I'm just trying to appreciate what my body can do and handle and that's the lovely part about anyone's practice. I love thinking internally and challenging myself. Even if that challenge is to just slow down, breathe more and relax. 


3. Are you currently facing any struggles or challenges within your practice?

HA! Yes, always. I have recently been confirmed as "hypermobile", meaning I can basically extend beyond the "normal" persons abilities. So I have this really fun ability to impress people with my flexibility, but in reality it just means I'm constantly fighting injuries. I have some shoulder problems, some ankles weakness and my wrists get really tight. This is something I am combating pretty regularly. Some days I feel awesome, and others I just feel terrible, I'm working on not beating myself up about the bad days. 


4. Favorite pose?

This is another ever changing answer for me, but right now I've really been enjoying camel.  I really like back bends. 



5. Favorite quote you would like to share?

I don't have a quote to share, but I would like to say a quick "peace out" to anyone who may read this! Thanks to the entire rad and wonderfully supportive staff and student base at Elements! Especially Sara and Lyndz. You two have been a staple in my daily life for a few years and I appreciate all of your help and love since joining the studio. i am going to miss (probably the most of anything, after moving) seeing the regular students and being at the studio almost every day. I'll be back to visit though, (probably more than necessary) and I hope a lot of you keep in touch with me! (find me on Facebook or Instagram). Thanks again, you guys are the best.