Raquel Ruiz-Diaz


I was born in Paraguay, South America. A few months later my parents move to Argentina where I attended school till the age of 10, after which we moved back to Asuncion- Paraguay. I’ve always been very intrigued by what the body can do, and how it works that I found myself involve in sports at a young age. I started dancing, took ballet classes when I was 13. I practiced for about 5 years, lost interest in that style and switched to Latin dance, which I love. I was also a gymnast during my school years.


I love traveling, so when I turned 20 I became a Flight attendant to see the world. 6 years later I moved to New Jersey, USA. While waiting for my green card, I worked at a dance studio as front desk person. During my 8 hr shift I'd watch the teacher practice her routine. I was amazed by her discipline, her unbelievable body and mind control, and of the amazing care she took of her body. It did not take long until the owner/teacher asked if I was interested in taking some dancing lessons. Without thinking twice, I responded “Yes, I would love to learn Tango”. We started the very next day. After I was done with my work duties I stay for 2 hrs., or more to practice. I continued doing that 3 times a week for 3 years. 



Q: When & Why did you start practicing yoga?

A: In 2002 I moved to Cali where I meet my friend Christy who introduced me to Bikram yoga. That was it! From that day on I’ve been practicing and trying different styles of yoga.


Q: What do you love most about your yoga practice?

A: I realized that yoga was the answer.... Learn to breath = connection between mind and body = health = happiness Bingooooo ..... and we can do it all on our own, I love that. 


Q: How did you find Elements?

A: In 2010 moved to Lummi Island, WA, where I was introduced to Vinyasa, not heated. I liked it until the weather got so cold that I didn't enjoy practicing as much. So, I started to search for a studio that offered warm classes. A friend of mine told me about Elements and the first thing she said was: “you will love it the people are so friendly and warm and the place so clean/no smell”.


Q: Are you currently facing any struggles or challenges within your practice?

A: In 2015 I went to Paraguay to visit my parents in the countryside of Asuncion. The next day around noon I decide to go a short run before lunch. I invited my sister Marisabel and my cousin Diego to go with me. Approximately a mile from our house a drunk driver illegally passed another, went off the road and crashed into the three of us. I was the one closest to road, so sustained the most injuries. I ended up with 10 broken bones and no too much hope of surviving.

While laying and waiting for help to arrive all I could do was breathe.  I remembered what I learned in yoga; how to breathe properly! and that saved my life.


Q: What is your Favorite & least favorite pose?

A: My favorite pose is head stand and least favorite Camel


Q: What are some of your favorite things you do outside of the yoga room?

A: I love dancing, traveling, watching the sunset, taking pictures of nature's beauty and cooking.


Q: What is your profession?

A: Customer service, I went to culinary school, worked as flight attendant and managed restaurant for many years.


Q: Would you share a favorite quote with us?

A: My favorite quote is; “Quiet the mind and let soul speak”.