Class Etiquette

We get it, starting at a studio can be a little intimating, but follow the etiquette and you're sure to have a nice visit!

  • No shoes or socks in the yoga room

  • Leave the smells, hairspray and  the perfume at home. Let's keep class clean and scent-free (we're sweating enough in there without adding overwhelming smells or setting off allergies!)

  • Classes start and end on time. Always. So be on your mat before class, and don't leave until it's over. No early dismissals and late arrivals.

  • No handstand, forearm stands, headstands, any kind inversion or balance pose against the mirrors!

  • Bring your body, your mat, your towel and your water ONLY into the room. 

  • No glass, we don't need someone falling out of a headstand on to some glass water bottle. Yikes!

  • No electronics. We're all hear to relax and reset, so keep the phones in the car or the locker room!

  • We all sweat, but no one wants to step (or slip) in yours. So clean up after yourself! Do a quick wipe up of your space as you leave.

  • Keep it quiet, during AND after class! We're happy to socialize with you outside of the practice space. 

  • We are here for YOU! Please chat with us before or after class if you have questions regarding anything!

  • Please, please, please respect the rules and the teachings. Come with an open heart and mind.